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Florin Constantinescu (born 1969) is a visual artist based in Craiova, Romania. Works as TV director for the romanian public television (TVR). Graduate of the University of Craiova, Mathematics and Computer Science / Image and Digital Graphics. MA in Multimedia and Journalism, University of Bucharest. PhD in Cinematography and Media (with thesis ”Visual Perception and Cognitive Representation of Film Image”), Institute for Doctoral Studies at Babeş-Bolyai University, Doctoral School of Theater and Film, Cluj-Napoca. Associate Professor at the University of Craiova, Arts and Media Department. Advanced studies in Video Graphics & Image at BBC and in Scenography at BBC & TVR. Tv director, filmmaker (documentary and video essay) and scenography projects designer for romanian public television. Founder of the creative studio Loved Things. Author of the books ”Visual Language”, Aius Publishing, Craiova 2019 (ISBN 978-606-562-814-4), ”The basics of photography”, Universitaria Publishing, Craiova 2020 (ISBN 978-606-14-1673-8), ”The basics of the image”, Universitaria Publishing (ISBN 978-606-14-1806-0), Craiova 2022 and ”PC Architecture”, Aius Publishing, Craiova 1996, (ISBN 973-9251-11-0).
Member of the U.A.P.R. (Visual Artists Union of Romania).

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tel. 0744 704 569

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2019 – SLEEPING AT LAST, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2018 – AIRPORTS, Calafat Art Museum, Calafat
2018 – UTOPIAN SPACES (II, painting), Arta Gallery, Craiova
2017 – HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY, Artex Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea
2016 – PREVIEW, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2015 – FUSION, Noblesse Palace Gallery, București
2012 – UTOPIAN SPACES (I, photography), Biennale Internationale des Arts Visuels de Liège
2012 – SRL (III), The Romanian Peasant Museum, București
2009 – SACRUM, Basilica Sancta Maria ad Martyres, Pantheon Gallery, Vatican
2009 – SRL (II), Millenium Gallery, Baia Mare
2009 – SHADOWS, French Cultural Center, Iași
2008 – SRL (I), The Palace of Culture, Târgu Mureș
2007 – BRIDGE TO THE CLOUDS, Radio Art Galleries, Craiova
2006 – SURFACE, Art Galleries of the Craiova Military Circle
2003 – LIGHTS, Târgu Jiu Art Museum
2002 – CLOSED IMPRESSIONS, The Palace of Culture, Târgu Mureș
2000 – SUN|SET, Craiova Art Museum, Craiova
1998 – CHRONOS, Art Galleries of the Craiova Military Circle


2021 – NAG #2021, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2019 – DOMINANT RED, Artex Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea
2018 – National Art Exhibition Centenary 1918-2018, City Art Galleries, Alba Iulia
2017, 2018, 2021 – The Municipal Art Salon, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2017 – The Art Fair Râmnicu Vâlcea, Artex Gallery
2017 – NAG #2017, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 – Craiova Plastic Artists Salon, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2017 – NAG #2016, Arta Gallery, Craiova
2010 – International Salon of Romanian and Hungarian Photographers, Szeged
2010 – OBSESSIVE WORDS, Brighton Photo Biennial, Brighton Museum, London
2010 – Bristol Salon of Photography ed. 64, Bristol
2010 – Salon des Arts Visuel Valjevo, Valjevo
2009 – ASCENTS, Salon Photo de Perpignan, Galeria Artrial, Perpignan
2009 – International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts – PhotoEspana, Madrid
2008 – FOTOFEST Photo Art Festival, București
2008 – Salon International de Tulle, Tulle
2007 – Oradea International Photography Art Salon, Oradea
2007 – International Photographic Biennial Rivne, Rivne
2007 – Târgu Jiu International Photography Art Salon, Targu Jiu
2007 – FOTOFEST Photo Art Festival, Brașov
2006 – International Fine Art Photography Salon, Târgu Mureș
2005 – International Photography Art Salon – Belgrad 2005, Contemporary Art Museum, Belgrade
2004 – ABOUT, Eugen Ionesco Cultural Center, Slatina
2004 – Salon International d’Art Photographique de Grenoble, ed. 9, Grenoble
2004 – CROSSLIGHT (II), Galeria Kaufinger, Munchen
2003 – International Photography Exhibition, ed. I, Târgu Mureș
2003 – Concorso internazionale d’Arte Fotografica, ed. 6, Fabriano
2003 – Salon International d’Art Photographique ed. II, La Gacilly
2003 – CPA International Salon of Pictorial Photography, ed. 44, Hong Kong
2003 – Reflet Mondial de la Photographie -17e Biennale Internationale, Mortsel
2002 – OBJECTS, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad
2002 – 3e Biennale Internationale du Diaporama de St. Chamond – Saint-Etienne
2002 – International Photography Art Salon Brasov
2002 – CROSSLIGHT (I), Galeria Van der Mieden, Antwerp
2001 – Birkenhead International Colour Salon, Prenton, Oxton
2001 – 26th Welsh International Colour Slide Salon, Swansea
1998 – 11° Concorso Internazionale Diacolor „Il Mosaico”, Ravenna
1998 – 9ème Salon International d’Art Photographique de Denain

Art works in private collections in Romania, Germany, England, Netherlands, France.

expozitie Florin Constantinescu, artist vizual
expozitia PREVIEW - Florin Constantinescu, visual artist
expozitie Florin Constantinescu, artist vizual

Some awards in exhibitions and international biennial of visual arts and photography

1998 – mention, 11° Concorso Internazionale Diacolor „Il Mosaico”, Ravenna (Italia); 1998 – The jury’s special prize, 9ème Salon International d’Art Photographique de Denain (France); 2005 – bronze medal,  International Exhibition of Photography, Edinburgh, ed. 144 (UK); 2007 – gold medal, International Photo Salon ”Mask”, ed. a 3-a (Slovenia); 2008 – Award of Excellence – Krakov Photomonth Festival (Poland); 2008, 2010 – mention, Black & White Spider Awards (USA); 2009 – silver medal, Salon Photo de Perpignan, ed. 18 (France): 2009 – The Jury’s Special Prize, International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts – PhotoEspana (SPAIN); 2009 – bronze medal, International Exhibition of Photography, Sydney (Australia); 2007 – gold medal, Târgu Jiu International Photography Art Salon; 2009 – 2 gold medals, AAFR National Photography Salon, ed. 11, Slatina (Romania); 2010 – silver medal, Brighton Photo Biennial, ed. a 4-a, Brighton (UK); 2010 – gold medal, Mihai Dan-Călinescu National Photography Art Salon (Romania); 2011 – The Jury’s Special Prize, Salon de la Photographie de Mornant (France); 2012 – The Prize of Excellence, Gran Tour delle Colline, ed. 12, Toscana (Italia); 2012 – mention, Festival Internazionale di Roma “Fotografia” (Italia) etc.

2003 – Diploma of excellence for the whole activity, Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique;
2009 – The Prize of Excellence Insigne Basilica Collegiata„Sancta Maria Ad Martyres, Vatican;
2013 – Romanian Order of Journalists, Class I, Gold.

If you want to buy a work of art (photography, painting or sculpture) write me a message or call me at +40744704569.

Fine art photos are for sale as prints on paper in limited series (20). Each artwork is authenticated by the artist’s signature, numbered and dated.

Dacă sunteți interesat de achiziționarea unei lucrări de pictură, sculptură sau fotografie, vă rog să mă contactați prin mail sau telefonic la nr. 0744704569. Fiecare lucrare este însoțită de un certificat de autenticitate semnat de autor.

expozitie Florin Constantinescu, artist vizual

A few images from exhibitions…

expozitie Florin Constantinescu 39
expozitie Florin Constantinescu 35

A few videos…

How To Disappear Completely


A Child On Tricycle

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